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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I've spent all day today in Hurstpierpoint. It's a small village north of Brighton with about as many residents as letters in its name. And it only has one charity shop. Frankly my lunch hour felt like a lifetime. But on the plus side, the shiny new health centre is so stonkingly big that I was given my own floor. Mine was the only clinic running today on the lower ground level, so in addition to swanning around like I owned the place, I was able to re-enact most of the first scene from 28 Days Later.

According to Wikipedia (so by definition it's probably rubbish), legendary football pundit Jimmy Hill lives in Hurstpierpoint. In fact he not only lives there, he's also "generous of his time for local events, clubs and societies". So I'm sensing he wrote it himself. At the age of 81, he fits right into my demographic, so I fully expected to see him at some (Hurstpier) point, but sadly he wasn't on my patient list. I expect he was talking balls somewhere else today.

Anyhoo, with the exception of my lunch break, the day went very well. In fact one of my patients this morning told me how nice I am, before trying to set me up with her daughter, and then adding "I hope I get you again next year". I put on a menacing voice and said "Not if I get you first".

Well ok, I didn't. It's not a good idea to threaten a woman in her 80s. She'll never write you into her will.