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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I took Amelie out for a walk this morning. She'd become bored with demonstrating how easily she can remove the child lock from the new cupboards I bought yesterday, and was looking for a fresh challenge. We ended up outside Brighton Museum in the Pavilion Gardens, where I paused for a few moments and wondered if I could get Amelie around their new Egypt exhibition without her upsetting a mummy for the second time this weekend.

I decided I couldn't. So I wheeled her over to look at a squirrel instead. At which point she started whining. Well, I say 'started'. To be honest, she's barely stopped for the past week. It's like Moaner & Lisa around here. The way Amelie keeps complaining, it's only a matter of time before she starts writing letters to the council. So I did the only thing guaranteed to keep her quiet for five minutes: I got out a rice cake and shoved it in her mouth.

Surprisingly, however, Amelie wasn't the only one transfixed by a bit of tasteless old rice. No sooner did she have her cake and eat it, than two squirrels came trotting straight up to the buggy, eyes trained on Am's snack. Which gave me a bit of a moral dilemma. I was on the verge of the perfect photo for my blog: Amelie sitting in her buggy, eating a rice cake with two squirrels on her lap. But in order to get that photo, I had to risk my daughter being savaged by wild vermin. It was a tough decision. And I only had a couple of seconds to make it.

In the end, I shooed the squirrels away. I felt that returning home three hours late because I'd had to take Amelie to hospital to have her fingers surgically reattached, and book her in for a course of tetanus injections, probably wouldn't get me into Lisa's good books. Although the cute photo would have softened the blow. And I quite liked the idea of strolling into A & E with the new face of infection control.

To be honest, Amelie with no fingers is a fairly appealing prospect at the moment. Her arms seem to have put on a growth spurt in the past few days, and she can now reach things she could only admire from afar this time last week. She had most of my CDs, books and cassettes out yesterday. Hence the new cupboard. In fact, within five minutes of bringing the thing home, Chloe had climbed inside. It's the only safe place in the whole flat. Or it was until Amelie worked out how to unlock it.

I wouldn't mind, but she's now less than four weeks away from her first birthday, and according to Rachel Waddilove, this is what we should be expecting...

Done & Dusted
I went to Asda yesterday, and frankly she didn't lift a finger to help. She's probably too busy running it along the mantelpiece to check for dust.