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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I've just picked up my latest prescription for Tamsulosin, the wonder drug which is supposed to be keeping my prostate free of any unpleasantness. I've been taking it since September, and it does seem to be working. I'm only getting excruciating, crippling pain about once a month now. Or twice a month, if you include Lisa's PMT.

This is the fourth prescription I've had for the stuff, and I've been given a different brand every time. Mainly because I keep going to different pharmacies in the hope of avoiding conversations along the lines of "Hello Mr Gardner! Back again for your Tamsulosin? Prostate still the size of a lemon?". So I've enjoyed the same medication under a variety of names, such as Contiflo and Pamsvax (which sounds like my aunt's hoover).

But the latest incarnation is undoubtedly the best. I've just taken delivery of two boxes of 'Petyme'. Bearing in mind that the primary use of Tamsulosin is to enable men to urinate (which is not, I hasten to add, why I take it), what better name could there be for the drug than Pee-Time.

With a bit of luck I'll get haemorrhoids now, so I can ask for a tube of Anusol next time I'm picking up my Pee-Time, and really enjoy my trips to the chemist.