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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking back from Asda on Monday evening with a bolshie baby, a box of raisins, and no bowl to put them in, I decided to stop along the seafront and film the sunset. I don't know what time the sun officially sets in mid-March, but the fact that we were there to witness it probably proves that I was keeping Amelie out far too late on a weekday. Not that it was my fault. She was the one who asked for a pik-CHAA.

I've set it to music, partly to add ambience, but mainly because the original audio track features Amelie talking to the seagulls and begging for a biscuit, plus a woman on a bike stopping to ask me the time. She was perfectly polite, but I felt she detracted from the atmospheric seascape I was trying to create. Although she did have a voice like a foghorn.

Obviously the most natural choice of music to accompany the film would have been Nik Kershaw's 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down On Me', but after careful consideration I went with a far more subtle selection: 'Superstar' by Nina Gordon. Because I don't have a website about Nik Kershaw.

The result is a soothing and relaxing vignette designed to calm even the most stressed out viewer...

Although when I tried to upload it to YouTube, they told me the music was copyrighted, and promptly banned it from the site. Frankly it made my blood boil.