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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I was chatting to a patient this afternoon about the possibility that eating a kiwi fruit every day could significantly improve your eyesight within a fortnight (he maintained that it could; I sat on the fence), when my mobile phone bleeped and this picture arrived...

They're Grrrrreat!
If you compare that to the the photo I received on June 3rd, you can see how much Lisa's cat-nephew has grown. Possibly by eating Amelie. When it comes to kittenhood, Tiger's not out of the woods yet, but if Lisa keeps holding him like that, he should be walking on two legs by Christmas.

In other news, Lisa and I went to Homebase last night for a dish drainer. We came out twenty minutes later with a stainless steel spoon rest and a glass work surface protector featuring a picture of a Parisienne café. So it's official: we're dangerously close to being middle class. We just need a pestle & mortar, and a jar for our sundried tomatoes.


Phil's Mum said...

I've got an unused dish drainer you can have, but I don't suppose Asda's cheap range is anything like high class enough for you!

A night-time passer-by said...

If you look carefully at the cats tummy you can see a face.   But I don't think it is a picture of Jesus.   

'old' friend said...

Good ideas for your flat warming!!