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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lock up your sons, she's back...
Big Sis in a Small World
Well, having taken my Chrysler Sebring convertible to every state in the USA and then allowing it to visit nearly every state in Australia, I thought it was about time it had a trip to EUROPE. Yes, that's right... Big Sis in a Small World has returned - well, for 3 weeks anyway.

Tomorrow, I set off on a trip involving a detailed 1-week examination of France followed by viewing approximately 12 countries in 2 weeks. As an American, my car would have it no other way. However, the trip has nearly been cancelled on several occasions due to weddings, illness, house moving... everything has got in the way of allowing the Chrysler to continue what he enjoys doing best: breaking down, flat tyres, and getting stuck up mountains.

This road trip was originally planned for April this year with S, a Texan friend, but she suddenly decided she would rather get married instead and requested my presence at her wedding in Louisiana. September has been the planned date for a while, however 6 weeks ago, my car failed its MoT. Just an emissions problem initially (I'm sure the Swiss would turn a blind eye as I drove through their country). However, after parts being shipped from the USA, another failed MoT, parts being shipped from Germany (I could have picked them up en route) and the emissions being declared 'safe', someone noticed that the suspension wasn't in best shape and advised me to not retest until that was fixed.

More parts were shipped from the USA and Germany and as of one week ago, my car was declared fit to go!! Until my older Bro visited last weekend and happened to notice that my tax had expired. How am I supposed to know such things have to be renewed in the UK on an annual basis? No other country I have lived in have such silly and expensive systems.

A quick renewal online soon sorted that out, until I realised the Chrysler was still registered at another address 40 miles away. Finally, yesterday, after breaking and entering (well, getting a key from the estate agent) I got said tax disc. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW.

So I have now started packing. For obvious reasons, the first thing I packed was a first aid kit. Unlike the American venture, I only have two accomplices on this road trip. Everyone else bailed for some reason - somthing about 'wanting assurance that the holiday would definitely go ahead'. Usefully, both accomplices have the same name - it begins with P. In fact one introduced me to the other. P1 will be travelling through France with me. And I'll have a rendezvous with P2 in Salzburg. I'll be flying solo on the rest of the trip - and unfortunately, this time I won't even be able to find any bears or great white sharks to keep me company. Anyway, I need to get to the Poles to get my car valeted for a photo shoot - my Chrysler might not look quite the same in three weeks.


Dave said...

I'm trying not to feel hurt that the trip doesn't take in Norfolk.  I expect that's a bit too exciting for you.

Phil said...

I'm sure it's only a small step from P1 and P2 to a P45 on your return.

Phil's Mum said...

I have suggested Big Sis should see more of England, Dave, but for some reason the weather seems to put her off.  I doubt if she could find Norfolk!

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