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Thursday, August 05, 2010

There's an old saying (at least as old as Lucille Ball), which goes "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it". I don't have much time for sayings like that. I'm far too busy. But someone who clearly lives by those words is Lisa's uncle, who phoned up yesterday afternoon to say that his TV had broken down, and that having spent all morning trying to think of someone capable of fixing it, he'd finally given up and called me.

Obviously I was in the middle of emptying a chest of drawers at the time (Amelie's not easy to remove), but having done so, I agreed to drop everything and head across town to see what I could do. Ordinarily I'd have said I'm too busy, but the man's 83 and doesn't get out much, so if his telly's on the blink, it's a bit like his best friend has collapsed.

Anyway, what I don't know about televisions... um... is pretty much everything. So I asked him if it had had a knock of any kind, and when he said no, I gave it one. It didn't help. Having turned it on and off about six times and checked he hadn't had a power cut, I admitted defeat, sucked my breath in through my teeth and told him it was knackered. He thanked me, and gave me a tenner. Which explains why plumbers are so rich.

Before anyone accuses me of extorting money from vulnerable pensioners, I should add that I did argue, quite vociferously, but there was no telling the man. Despite pointing out that I had, in fact, done nothing, he insisted that it was worth ten quid of anybody's money, and forced me to take it. So I thanked him. And told him to call me the moment anything else breaks down. I can provide the same level of service over the phone for no extra cost.

As it happens, he turns 84 next week, so he'll be getting it back in a birthday card. Along with a gift voucher from Dixons.


Phil's Mum said...

Its definitely worth cultivating these old people.

Dave said...

My boiler's making a funny noise Phil, could you just pop over here and hit it for me?

BS6 said...

Can't quite believe I'm saying this, but they (old folk) can't properly see LCD screens. (just been through this with me Dad (88) in Cromer.. yes Dave that Cromer).  They need brightness.  I reckon your charity shop should have an old proper tube telly and that tenner should do it just fine.
Yours, Gadgets r Us.

PS did you get the photos?

Phil said...

PHOTOS??? Have you sent me photos? I've had no photos. Send them again! NOW!

Unless you sent them in the post, in which case they're lost forever and I refuse to accept legal liability.

Anonymous said...

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