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Friday, August 27, 2010

A quick sprint through the O2 on a wet Wednesday afternoon, and you end up with this...

Fat & Spotty
Just look at that smiling, rubber-faced character, full of hot air, with big bulging eyes. You wouldn't think she's 41.

Anyhoo, for the benefit of anyone who isn't best friends with a two-year-old, that yellow thing behind Lisa is a Haahoo. Or 'Haaboo' as Amelie calls them for no particular reason. She's probably dyslexic. The Haahoos float around the Night Garden on Cbeebies doing nothing in particular until it's time for bed. I'm the same at the weekend.

As it happens, the Haahoos weren't the only inflated part of Night Garden Live. The prices were too. Not to mention the theatre. The entire event took place in a pumped-up show dome just outside the O2, with room for 500 thumb-suckers and their buggies. Inside the dome it looked like this...

Garden Centre
... with a grassy stage, wooden trees (aren't they all) and moving images projected onto the rubber roof. It felt like an acid trip in a garden centre. Unfortunately, much as I'd love to take you through the intricate storyline of the show in detail, I've had one day in London followed by two in East Grinstead, and I'm as tired as a cat that's been trying to get out of a wheelie bin for fifteen hours. So I'll be back for part three tomorrow...