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Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's not looking good...

I don't mean me and Am, obviously. We look remarkably good making hip-hop hand gestures with tights on our head. What's not looking good is the weather.

As things stand right now, we're still in St Leonards, where it's been snowing for most of the day. Lisa and I went out on a reconnaisance mission to Tescos last night, which quickly turned into the ice rink scene from 'The Italian Job', so we've been forced to stay in today and make our own entertainment. Which explains how I ended up in my Dad's study with a pair of pink tights on my head.

Amelie and I did venture out for a couple of minutes this afternoon in an efort to create our own best-selling 'Footprints' poster...

... but having taken a few steps down my parents' drive, I soon realised that if I attempted to pick her up and carry her, we'd both slip over and break our necks. Which is a problem when ambulances can't make it down the road due to ice. In the end we had to veer straight back onto the steps for the sake of our health. If I'm going to die for religious art, I really ought to do it at Easter.

So I'm currently back indoors on my parents' reclining sofa, getting into the festive mood by watching 'The Year Without a Santa Claus' on True Movies 2. Which is both a film and a channel I've never heard of. It's actually very good, and makes me look forward to the years ahead when Amelie's a bit older and I'll be able to go and see films like this at the cinema without having to pretend I'm special needs. These days, though, Christmas is all about commercialism, greed and ruthless money-making. So I'll be turning over at nine to watch The Apprentice.


Dave said...

Are you trying to grow a long white beard before the 25th?

Phil's Mum said...

I think he wants to look like one of the wise men.

'old' friend said...

Nope! Looks more like one of the seven dwarfs!!