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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was my last working day of the year, so Christmas officially starts here! Amelie's already begun her celebrations by attending a Christmas party this morning at the weekly playgroup where she was violently beaten up in October. Fortunately, the only intimidating figure she encountered this time around was Santa Claus, and he softened the blow by arriving with presents. She also spent some time getting to know the central characters of a knitted nativity scene (mainly by trying to steal them all), and referring to Jesus as a "special baby". Which sounds like something The Fonz would say.

So we're all now in the Christmas mood, and ready to spend some quality time with one glorious angel and a wise man. Unfortunately none were available, so we're going to my parents.


Phil's Mum said...

For a minute, I REALLY thought you meant it!

Z said...

Watch it, babes.  She might put your present back in the drawer and give you socks instead.

Dave said...

I remember the days when I used to stop work for a Christmas break.