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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saturday night's songs about heaven, angels and happy days (the concept, not the TV show) were particularly poignant, as Andrew lost his life-partner, Linda, a couple of weeks ago.

One Cool CatThat's her on the left. They got together on Valentine's Day 1993, so it's a relationship which lasted longer than most marriages. And like many wives, she ended up on tablets. I only knew Linda for two of those seventeen years, but I heard stories of her fashion sense a good three months before I met her. Let's face it, it's not every cat that wears a wedding dress.

To be honest, it's a miracle Linda survived as long as she did, because she's had Amelie hassling her for the past year or so. It's enough to make anyone lose the will to live. This was the scene on Linda's 17th birthday last February, as Amelie tried to give her the bumps...

Or maybe she just mistook her for a leopardskin cushion.

Anyhoo, as befits a cat with Linda's legendary status, she's immortalised for ever on Google Street View, where she's spending eternity peering out at the lost souls of Brighton over her rose coloured glasses. Well, terracotta window box. It's an appropriate resting place for a much viewed and well-loved cat.

As for me though, I wanted to make a more personal tribute to Brighton's best dressed feline. I happen to know that she sourced most of her designer outfits from various branches of Poundland, so whilst working in Crawley today, I made my way into town at lunchtime, visited one of the largest pound shops in Sussex, and bought this for a quid...

It'll be Red Nose Day this Christmas
Chloe will be dressing up in memory of Linda this Christmas.


Dave said...

Very sophisticated.

Phil's Mum said...

A long and happy relationship!  Linda was a beautiful cat.  We all send our condolences to Andrew.