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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The thing about Mish, Moosh and Mogo is that after handing over twenty-one quid to an unscrupulous online knitter, and then queuing for almost an hour in sub-zero temperatures without appropriate clothing just to pick them up, the experience of actually holding them in your arms on Christmas Day is one of unbridled happiness, total contentment and constant joy.

Well, maybe not constant joy. You can still feel a bit down when the chocolates run out.

On the whole though, we all had a good Christmas yesterday. Amelie stormed the stage at church without permission, and did an impromptu dance to 'Away in a Manger', but to be honest, it was the minister's fault for handing her the microphone at the beginning and letting her announce the name of her teddy bear to the whole congregation. After that, she thought she was leading the service. She even announced to the entire church that the sermon was a "funny story". I'm not sure they all agreed.

Worshipping done, we then headed back to my parents' house to explore the real meaning of Christmas - the presents. I received a number of quality gifts, including the perfect present from Lisa: a couple of work shirts in a bigger size. She's noticed the massive amount of weight I've gained since we got married, and thought she'd do something about it. It was either two new shirts or a gastric band.

So having been kitted out ready to go back to work and advise Type II diabetics on healthy eating, I was able to relax, eat chocolate, and watch Amelie open her presents. Mish, Moosh and Mogo were obvious hits, but so was another of Lisa's knitted eBay purchases, a counterfeit Miss Mouse from the programme 'Show Me Show Me'. Amelie was naturally delighted, and went a full two seconds before asking for another of the show's characters. There's no pleasing some toddlers.

She liked the guinea pig that Big Sis bought her on the M4, but one of the biggest successes was the set of musical instruments given to her by her Grandma. Amelie's always liked to blow her own trumpet, and now she can take that habit to a whole new level. Ninety decibels, to be exact.

Anyhoo, I can't reveal how much I ate yesterday for legal reasons, and because it might panic Lisa into thinking that she should have bought my shirts in 'High & Mighty' instead of Next, but suffice it to say that the reason there's not enough food to feed the world is because I've eaten it all. If I was counting calories, I'd need a super-computer. So while I spend a few hours in the bathroom with a packet of Bisodol tablets, here are the three-minute highlights of Amelie's third Christmas...

The worrying thing is that not only is Amelie wearing the same dress she wore to our wedding, but Big Sis is too. I think this whole family needs to invest in a bigger wardrobe.


Chappers said...

I think Grandma is very cunning. It's a great way of annoying the parents with a gift like that.

Dave said...

Either you made that film without a soundtrack, or my mother's computer has no speakers.  I did enjoy seeing Big Sis's knees though.

Anonymous said...

not sure hoiw you can call the online knitter unscrupulous when the items are put on at a mere £4.99 and its then up to you if you want to bid further!