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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I know I said Amelie was doggedly determined, but this is getting ridiculous...

Photo courtesy of Lisa.
The dog's called Harry. Which is what Amelie does to Chloe.

While I was hot-footing it to the doctor yesterday, Lisa and Amelie were visiting the Canadian immigrant down the road, in the hope of picking up some maple syrup. Our newfound(land) friend Nora has now been joined in this country by her two dogs (you let one foreigner in, and they bring the whole family), so Amelie wanted to drop by for an hour to harrass Harry the hound.

Nora's second dog, Finnegan (presumably named after Judy), is twice the size of Harry and, according to Amelie, "a bit scary". So having been greeted at the door by two bounding dogs, and found herself floundering in Finnegan's wake (we've all been there), she decided to pick on someone her own size, and spent the afternoon with the black dog above.

I'd tell you more, but let's face it, I wasn't there. I did ask Amelie how Nora was, and what she fed Harry, and she replied "Crackers". I don't know which question she was answering.


Dave said...

Spooky coincidence.  My blog-post today is based on Dirty Harry.

Phil said...

What, fictional with a lot of swearing?

Dave said...

It's always like that.