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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Since Amelie was born, we've been nurturing her via a succession of Grobags and raised beds, and needless to say, she's thrived. And shown very little sign of greenfly. But with less than a week to go until she turns 2½, we decided to let her take a step into adulthood this weekend by getting her a duvet.

So on Saturday morning, she and I embarked on a trip to the bedding section of Toys R Us. Well, I went to the bedding section - she remained in the bike aisle, pulling out all the tricycles and riding them towards the checkout. Before we left home, I'd joked to Lisa that having paid a hundred pounds for a cotbed mattress last summer, I dread to think how much they charge for duvets, and we both laughed, safe in the knowledge that they can't be much more than a tenner. After all, Asda do king size doubles for twelve quid, and we wanted one a quarter of the size. I was confident of spending about £2.99.

Anyhoo, I'm not saying I was wrong, but frankly it would have been cheaper to let Amelie ride through the checkout on a moped. A Winnie-the-Pooh bed set costs a hundred pounds. Which is handy, because I needed a lie down after I saw it. The Toys R Us own-brand is eighty, and a duvet alone will set you back forty. Frankly we need to get into the baby business. You can charge what you like, and people will pay it.

As I proved, by whipping out my credit card, and coming home with this...

It's curtains for Amelie.
It cushions your feet while you spy on the neighbours. I'm thinking of marketing that look as 'Burka Chic'.

Anyhoo, the good news is that the bed set above was reduced from £79.99 to £39.99, so having experienced nothing but joy and triumph with the cut-price fairy puppet, we went for that one. And what's more, Amelie successfully survived her first night under a duvet without smothering herself in her sleep. Which is a definite bonus.

As for tonight, it'll be even more peaceful. For us, anyway. Amelie's gone to stay with her grandparents for a couple of days. My Mum picked her up this evening. And we've been celebrating ever since. We bought her a box of chocolates to say thank you for having her, but to be honest it doesn't go far enough. The woman doesn't know what she's letting herself in for. Frankly she deserves the George Cross.


Phil's Mum said...

Have only needed one chocolate so far - but tomorrow is another day!

Dave said...

Couldn't you buy a normal single duvet and cut it in half?  You'd have a spare one then as well, which you could sell on e-Bay for £100.