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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Despite still being married to Lisa, I did actually manage to watch 'Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' last night. And frankly I should listen to my wife more often. By the halfway point, I was the one rolling my eyes and complaining of a headache. To say it was rubbish would be an insult to the contents of my bin. It might have been wall-to-wall action, but I was bored out of my crystal skull within twenty minutes. I don't know what's gone wrong. I used to love 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' when I was eight. I'm sure I can't have changed that much.

But whilst I ponder with hindsight the wisdom of Lisa's review of 'Hidden' on Thursday night, which was "I love it because there's no action whatsoever", I should mention what happened to her at the dentist on Friday. I was going to write about it yesterday, but I was impatient to try out my new foot, so I couldn't sit still for very long. As it transpired, I'd worn it out by teatime, and it was painful again yesterday evening. Which proves that you should listen to your doctor, and not start doing star jumps within forty-eight hours of a foot operation.

But that aside, Lisa returned to her dentist on Friday afternoon for a denture fitting. As it happens, she loathes the word 'denture' with a passion, so having run through a few alternatives, and rejected my suggestion of 'falsies', we've eventually settled on the term 'temporary teeth'. That's what we'll be calling them from now on.

Unfortunately, at the moment they're not so much temporary as non-existent. The appliance of science that was presented to us on Friday afternoon was merely an ill-fitting wax prototype, so having tried it on and seen her looks instantly, and tantalisingly, transformed back to normal, Lisa was forced to hand the thing back, and told it would be another fortnight before it's ready. Having seen them in the wax flesh, I think the temporary teeth will be well worth waiting for, but that's little consolation to Lisa. For her, it's another two weeks of heartache and hermitage. I'll never get her to come and see 'Super 8' now.


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Lisa should start ticking off the days of her imprisonment - 27 down, 12 to go - or maybe that makes it sound even worse!