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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lisa's life at the moment may seem like an episode of Tales of the Unexpected, but personally I'm living through a second rate sequel to The Twilight Zone. I was driving through Monk's Gate this morning (which is something I like to make a habit of, and a route I follow religiously) on my way to Horsham Hospital, when I passed a car coming in the other direction. Nothing unusual in that, you might think. Except that the driver's door of this particular car was hanging off its hinges, and flapping about in the breeze.

The car had obviously been involved in a collision, and the driver's side was comprehensively dented in, particularly around the door, which was kinkier than Ann Summers and jutting out like a beetle with a broken wing, making it impossible to close. But undeterred, the owner had clearly decided to drive it home anyway. Surviving a car crash is one thing, but he sure as hell wasn't going to waste money on a taxi.

It was one of the oddest sights I've ever seen, and it preyed on my mind all day. Until the middle of the afternoon, when my next patient walked into the room. She was an elderly lady, and the moment she sat down, she asked me to make allowances for her vision because she'd been crying a lot today. I naturally assumed she was an Amy Winehouse fan with family in Norway, but having asked her for more info, she told me that her husband is currently in hospital after having a car crash.

She then told me that another car had smashed into the driver's door of his vehicle on a roundabout in Horsham, and he'd hit his head, but as a typical bloke (I'd say 'bloody-minded', but in this case, that would be tactless), he'd refused to call an ambulance and had made his way home instead. Only later had he agreed to go to hospital.

Now, I'm not saying it was definitely the same chap, but even if it wasn't, it was enough to make the Twilight Zone music play in my head. Even now, I'm beginning to wonder if I dreamt it all, or if it was some kind of hallucination. Let's face it, it was over 28 degrees in that consulting room. There's every chance I've got heat-stroke.


Phil's Mum said...

Lets face it, with your ability to meet up with famous people, that story is not the least bit unusual!  The question is, why was the poor man's wife attending a routine check-up, rather than sitting by his bedside?  But perhaps he'd just been taken for an x-ray, so she'd popped downstairs (or upstairs?) to see you while he was gone.  I'm sure you made her feel better with your sympathetic, caring manner.

Phil said...

ROUTINE CHECK-UP??? I'll have you know that an appointment with me is possibly the most important hospital visit you could ever make, and worth missing your husband's death for.

Dave said...

It's nice to know your mother believes you have a <span>sympathetic, caring manner.</span>

jon the bassist said...

<p><span><span>I remember seeing that episode of the Twilight Zone. Isn’t that the one where the retinal screener / private detective is struck off for suggesting to a distraught woman that she has 20/20 vision but will be lucky if she sees her husband again? <span> </span><span> </span></span></span>
</p><p><span> </span></p>