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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Don't be fooled by this photo. It might look like a shot of Amelie relaxing by the pool at an unnamed East Sussex coastal resort, but in reality it's the first footage of the world's greatest miracle-worker...

Gardner, Heal Thyself
That girl has the lips of a healer. She could probably walk on that water if she wanted to.

Yes, just forty-eight hours after Amelie kissed my foot better, I genuinely think I'm cured. Obviously there's an outside chance that the steroid injection played a role too, but in truth, it wasn't until Am had put joy in my sole by wrapping her laughing gear around my heel that my foot started to get better.

I began to believe, very tentatively, that there was some genuine improvement last night, but having done no walking for more than twenty-four hours, it was hard to tell what was real healing, and what was just the symptomatic improvement I'd expect after a day on the sofa. There was definitely a slight change for the better last time, but it turned out to be no more than temporary relief brought about by a couple of days rest.

This time is different. I got up this morning to an almost total lack of pain. For the first time in more than six months, I can actually walk normally. Or I could do if I could remember how. I've actually become so accustomed to walking without putting any weight on my right heel, that I'm finding it incredibly difficult to adjust. Without thinking, I automatically put all my weight on my left foot, whether walking or standing, because that's how I've been living since Christmas.

But the stunning development is that I no longer have to. As of this morning, standing on my right heel produces only slight sensitivity and mild aching, as opposed to the jump-out-of-my-skin shooting pain I've been used to. I can hardly believe it.

Unfortunately, my foot's gone straight to my head. So I must be more supple than I look. I'm still supposed to be resting it, but having spent six months as a virtual prisoner in my own car, I can't wait to do something on foot. As a result, I've spent the morning completing my first workout of the year. I've put on almost a stone since Christmas, simply because I can't take any exercise. I've been driving the five minute walk to work every day, and unable to pop to the shops at lunchtime. I've gone from walking miles every day, to limping the few yards to the bathroom.

So the recovery starts here. I've just burned off my first proper calories of 2011, so by 2012 I might be back to a decent weight. You have no idea how good it feels to be walking across the living room like a man, instead of cruising around the furniture like a baby. I just need to avoid breaking my ankle while I'm jumping for joy.


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Dave said...

Hurrah!  I trust your cricket will improve as a result.

Phil's Mum said...

I told Amelie her kisses had started the improvement!  She was very pleased.

jon the bassist said...

It is truly a miracle. Both your foot and ankle look almost perfect in the above picture.
Good luck, and and dont forget to remind Amelie to keep using the mouth wash!