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Friday, January 13, 2012

I said to Lisa this evening, "It's Friday the 13th today. Have you had any bad luck?"

She replied, "No more than usual".

So on that positive note, it's my mother-in-law's birthday in two weeks time. Assuming she lives that long. Lisa and I are spending the weekend sorting through old photos to scan, upload, and turn into a professionally printed photo-book to present her with on the day. Ideally, we're looking for pictures of the lady herself, but personally I'm more distracted by her daughter...

Seventies Glam
That's my wife on the left, aged about eight. Which is surprising, as I didn't think cameras had been invented back then. We don't know who the stunner on the right is, but I'm sensing she's not a relation.

On the subject of things which looked good in the seventies, my Dad passed on the news this week that the Wish Tower in Eastbourne is set to be demolished. The council has been considering its future for a while now, but after a slight breeze took the roof off in December, they've decided to knock the whole thing down and start again.

Rumours that this hard-hitting exposé played a major role in the council's decision have yet to be confirmed, but suffice it to say that the BBC's sub-heading of 'Suffering and Fortitude' is more apt than they realise.