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Monday, January 09, 2012

I was invited to a meeting at work this morning to discuss the creation of a new department website. I've been asked to rewrite the text to make it all a bit more "friendly". So I'll be using the word 'darling' a lot, and finding some photos of come-to-bed eyes.

Obviously my ability to string a sentence together is one thing, but to be honest, I think the main factor which makes me the go-to guy for website production is my ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world's great Olympians at the top of the Google search rankings. No, really.

As mentioned here previously, if you enter the words 'Robin Cousins' into Google, you get this...

Robin Cousins' Gay Expression
It's a photo of me. And some other bloke.

It's a well documented fact that I'm essentially a gay icon in the world of figure skating. Although I manage to keep my head down for most of the year. So I was particularly pleased to see the new series of 'Dancing on Ice' begin on ITV1 last night. When I say 'see', I don't mean that I watched it. I'm not an idiot. But I did keep a close eye on my blog stats...

Sister v Cousins
The spike in November was when Big Sis linked to this post on Facebook, and the world turned up to stare in open-mouthed wonder at her acting. But frankly, Cousins can trump sisters any day of the week. I had enough visitors yesterday to knock Sis into a cocked hat. I'd like to think a lot of them were reading about the framing of Madge and Stella, but the fact is that most were after a bird's eye view of Robin. I really need to start selling merchandise before next week's episode.