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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There are times in my life when I feel convinced that Amelie is actually a middle-aged self-help guru trapped in the body of a three-year-old girl. I was sitting at the table eating my tea last night, when she looked up from her position on the sofa, and - out of the blue, and with no preamble whatsoever – began the following conversation:


"Yes, Ammy Am?"

"Don't let me down."

"I won't, darling."

"And don't let Mummy down either."

"I won't."

"And Daddy?"


"Don't let yourself down."

I think I've just been put in my place by a toddler. Either she's had a serious talking to at nursery, or she's been listening to one of Lisa's rants about absent fathers again. Either way, she's given me something to think about.


Sylvia Gardner said...

I think she's been reading THAT BOOK again.

Jon Cheshire said...

These wise words are Hairy Fantastic!