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Monday, February 06, 2012

As it transpired, we couldn't get Amelie home yesterday. Well, not by car. Huskies might have been an option, but after paying Chloe's vet bill a week ago, I was reluctant to take on any more animals.

I did make an exploratory trip out yesterday morning by agreeing to give Lisa a lift to church, but having made it out of our cul-de-sac and along the ridge at the top, I watched a van edging gingerly down the steep hill, and decided I didn't fancy it. So I turned around, and dropped Lisa at the bus stop. She arrived home ten minutes later, after discovering that the buses didn't fancy it either.

The good news is that my main reason for picking up Amelie yesterday morning was that my parents needed to go out in the afternoon. And that became irrelevant the moment they got snowed in. So we left the babysitters to plough on regardless until their road became clear enough to get our daughter out of St Leonards.

Fortunately she was able to help clear the way this morning by carefully removing large amounts of snow from the street outside their bungalow, and then throwing it at my Dad...

Snow Road
By lunchtime the road was passable, so Amelie returned home to us this afternoon, wondering why she couldn't bring her snowman with her.

Our extra child-free day meant that I was able to spend Sunday transforming Amelie's bedroom by cleaning the latest mould off the wall and putting up a shelf...

Map Room
I've added a map of the world, so that she can gaze in wonder at all the places we're never going to take her. The shelf is in no way horizontal, but the good news is that it tilts to the left, so that things won't roll off onto her head while she's asleep.

Interestingly, Lisa came to the door while I was putting up the shelf, and asked me what I was doing, completely failing to notice the five-foot-wide map on the wall. She's always struggled with the bleeding obvious. Frankly Stevie Wonder's more observant. Fortunately, when I pointed it out to her, she showed an immediate interest, had a closer look, considered it for a moment... and then asked me whereabouts we are.

Apparently secondary school geography in 1983 was all about farming. She can't find Britain on a map, but she can talk about arable crops until the cows come home.


Phil's Mum said...

When Amelie saw the map this afternoon she was worried because she didn't know where all the places were.  I told her Mummy would help her.  I guess Grandma got it wrong again!  But she'd better not look in this direction for help.  My only claim to fame is that I can draw the Great Lakes of Canada upside down. (Or I could 55 years ago.)

Zed said...

I'll send detailed instructions on how to get here and spare her the navigating, then.

Phil said...

Who says they don't teach you anything useful at school?!

Phil said...

Thank you. I'll wake Lisa when we get there.