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Friday, February 10, 2012

I received this text message from Big Sis yesterday:

"I've been offered a part as a policewoman in a feature film on Saturday for 70 quid. Trying to decide..."

Naturally I responded with just two words: "DO IT!", but sadly she was forced to turn down the offer due to heavy snow and an even heavier workload. It's a shame because apparently "it sounded quite good - about riots etc", and is being made in Ealing. So presumably the word 'riot' refers to uproarious comedy, not violent looting. I expect they saw her care home video, and realised she had a talent for slapstick.

Incidentally, if you're reading this, Sis, you still haven't sent me a copy of that second training film you made. I want the one of you being punched in the face. E-mail it to me now. Thanks.

Anyhoo, snow might have scuppered my sister's chances of appearing at next year's Oscars, but it didn't stop me getting to work today. This was the view from the fourth floor of Crawley Hospital at 8:30 this morning...

It's not so much a winter wonderland as a view of some portacabins and a car park, but there was quite a lot of snow.

It didn't, however, prevent Brighton council workers getting out and about to visit their tenants today. It was in the news last week that the council is planning to spend £74.6m to tackle the local housing crisis, and I can exclusively reveal that work has already begun. They've taken a look at our bathroom.

We had an appointment this morning for a representative of the council to assess our bathroom for a possible refit. I'm not sure how old the current bathroom suite is, but our toilet cistern's six foot off the ground, which I don't think is the modern way of doing things. Lisa's been keen to have it modernised for as long as she's lived here, so she was particularly excited about the prospect of a council upgrade - so much so, that she spent yesterday afternoon cleaning and tidying the bathroom in preparation for the visit.

By the time the woman from the council turned up this morning, the bathroom was spotless. As a result, she took one look at it and told Lisa that "it's been very well looked after", and as such, we're not entitled to a refit for another five years.

You have to laugh.


Phil's Mum said...

You're joking!!!  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!  It must have been the good job the decorators did!

A Passer-by said...

Brighton Council could save a fortune if they insisted that all Council Tenants kept their bathrooms clean & tidy, and well looked after!!