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Saturday, February 25, 2012

One of the advantages of feeling queasy is that you tend to walk about with your eyes on the ground, looking for a convenient gutter. And that means you spot things you might otherwise have missed. As luck would have it, I did make it into work yesterday (woo-hoo), but I still felt a bit fragile, so I completed the five-minute walk through Kemptown and past St George's church with my head bowed in reverence, in the hope of giving the vomit a shorter distance to travel.

I was just out of sight of the Sussex Eye Hospital, and walking along Sudeley Street with my eyes down, when I saw a vision of green on the ground. I'm no stranger to rescuing things from the gutter (it's how I found Lisa), so I picked it up, and discovered this...

It's a green folded card with the words YORK HAS BEEN WLA'D printed on the front. For a moment, I thought Fergie had joined the Women's Land Army.

More intriguing still, is that the inside of the card features a hand-written list of addresses...

You've been WLA'd.
Naturally I wanted to know what the WLA is, and what they've done to the residents of Eaton Place (which is where Patsy Palmer lives), Chesham Place (home of the Seven Veils pole-dancing school), Chichester Place (where our friend Nora used to live) and Chesham Road (where nothing interesting ever happens), so I went home and looked them up on the internet. Ten minutes later, I'd visited the World Lottery Association, West London Alliance, Worral Lees Associates, Wimbledon Language Academy and Westcountry Landlords Association, and frankly I was none the wiser.

Personally I think it's a hit list from the World's Leading Assassins. But having wiped out the occupants of 24 Eaton Place at 9:55 in the morning, they encountered some fierce resistance a few doors down, and met a sticky end at number 17. Clearly the card got tossed into the gutter in the crossfire. I always knew Patsy Palmer could handle herself.


Phil's Mum said...

I think York has been inundated by members of the Womens Lib Alliance, so a member of the Green Party has come down to flat-hunt in Brighton, knowing it to be a much more 'free and easy' place.

bs6 said...

way layed?

Matt said...

They use them in royal mail sorting offices. York is a trolley