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Saturday, February 04, 2012

It's Valentine's Day!

Well, it is if you've got a three-year-old child and can't get a babysitter for the real thing. Amelie's spending some quality time with her grandparents today so that Lisa and I can celebrate our love by stuffing ourselves with expensive food that we can't really afford. And I don't mean Chloe's renal diet.

We've actually booked a table at The Rainbow Inn in Cooksbridge, a pub near Lewes which was reopened as a restaurant in December, by none other than Marco Pierre White. It hasn't been well-publicised yet, so we're hoping to get in quick before Michael Winner turns up.

On the downside, we've booked a table for lunch, which is a shame, as if we'd got ourselves in there tonight, we might have been snowed in, and forced to survive on Michelin-starred food for three days until the snow ploughs arrived. But still, it should be good. I'm not sure if they serve Marco Pierre White's world-famous signature dishes, or just his Bernard Matthews turkey range, but either way I can't wait.