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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Crawley Observer published this story at 9:30am this morning about a seven mile queue on the A23, and delays of an hour and a half. It's a shame they didn't publish it two hours earlier. I could have phoned in sick and saved myself a bit of stress. But still, the good thing about being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour on the way to Crawley Hospital, is that you can pass the time by chatting to your colleague who's two miles behind you in the same jam. She was on her way to Horsham Hospital. Very slowly, and with no likelihood of arrival. We didn't chat for long though. The traffic suddenly reached a speed of 5mph, so I got a bit giddy and had to put the phone down.

But prior to putting the crawl back into Crawley by creeping up the A23, I'd had quite a nice morning. Not only did I witness Shimmy climbing up the living room curtains and swinging by two paws, six inches from the ceiling (I missed that photo by seconds), but I also gained a little insight into the kind of relationship I have with Amelie.

She'd asked me to download two new games for her on the iPad this morning, both of which happened to be free, so I duly obliged. I've already spent 69p on Little Acorns, so she's used up her iTunes allowance for this month, but she can generally have what she likes if it's free. Admittedly, the apps take up valuable space on the iPad, but that's not a problem as Amelie's learnt how to delete all my stuff without asking.

Anyhoo, ten minutes after getting her new games, she came back and asked for a third. I was in a hurry, as I wanted to leave for Crawley in good time, so that I could enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free journey, and get to the hospital extra-early to take in a leisurely cup of tea with the admin staff, so I quickly agreed to Amelie's request, whilst reminding her what a lucky girl she is.

She took the iPad back from me, smiled, and said "I know, Daddy. You do everything I want."

I wasn't quite sure if that was an appreciative compliment from a grateful daughter, or a sinister threat from the Godfather. So I just said "I do". Which got me into trouble once before.

Amelie then turned to Lisa, who was still in bed, sleeping off the effects of a large glass of Coke with a scoop of chocolate ice cream (it's a fine line between pregnancy and gluttony), adding "And Mummy's my friend".

So it's official: Lisa's her best mate, and I'm just her slave.


Phil's Mum said...

Its scary when you think that in a year's time she'll probably be getting her brother to put in her requests.

A Passer-by said...

Do you have a hi-tec hands-free phone, or are you just living dangerously?   

Phil said...

I feel less inclined to follow the highway code when I'm being overtaken by pedestrians.