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Friday, March 23, 2012

Just in case anyone wants a closer look at Am's new shoes...

Feet First
She's following Clarks' advice, and teaming them with "fashionable dance-inspired skirts, leggings and tees for a pretty, urban look". They're also perfect for crossing tightropes...

Walk the Line
Mind you, she's constantly walking a fine line, no matter what shoes she's wearing.

The flowery dress and yellow cardigan are part of Am's new Spring/Summer collection. She'll be three-and-a-half the week after next, so naturally the clothes are age 5-6. We tried 4-5, but it was like getting a giraffe into a horse box. She hasn't worn 3-4 since she started walking. Apparently there was a smaller girl she played with at the park today. She turned out to be six.

Fortunately I've checked Wikipedia, and women can play basketball professionally in this country. So I'm going to save money on school books and stick a hoop on the door.


Phil's Mum said...

The soles of her shoes are not as clean now as they were then!