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Monday, March 12, 2012

I don't know if it's our pioneering advancement of cat rules, or simply my extraordinary talent in the field of Gruffalo redesign, but either way, it's been a record-breaking weekend here at the Whinery...

Vital Statistics
In just forty-eight hours, more than seven hundred people have flocked here to read my thoughts on cat-care, child-rearing and colouring-in. If only I could work out how to charge them each a quid, I'd be laughing.

In reality, of course, my overwhelming popularity with the English-speaking world has less to do with me being the the newly elected voice of the people, and more to do with the fact that Robin Cousins was on Family Fortunes on Saturday night.

No, really.

Since Cousins' first cousins first lined up in front of Vernon Kay, everyone's been desperate to know where his wife was. They asked a hundred people. Seven times. And the survey led them here.


Jon the Bassist said...

How come you wasn't asked on to Family Fortunes with your friend Robin?

Phil said...

He's keeping me under wraps.