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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Despite what David Cameron might think, I'm pleased to report that gender equality in 21st century Britain is working a treat. Amelie and I were up early this morning – me, because Shimmy pounced on my foot at 6am and then drew the curtains by climbing two feet off the ground and swinging across, and Amelie because she has no concept of time and likes to annoy me.

So by 6:45am, she was complaining that I'd dressed her squirrel in a Santa hat on 'Little Acorns', and asking me to help her with the underground bat level on 'Supercow'. I was naturally a bit miffed, as I'd spent ages last night collecting enough fruit to buy that Santa hat, and was in no mood to battle giant bats on her behalf. So I replied that whilst I'd love to help her further the bovine cause, I actually needed to do last night's washing up before going to work.

To which Amelie responded, "Leave it, Daddy. Mummy can do it when she gets up."

I thought about that, and agreed with her. Washing up is women's work, after all. And let's face it, Lisa's got a pretty easy day ahead of her. I'm taking her into hospital this afternoon for a nice lie-down. We have our 20-week baby scan at 1:50 today. So by 2pm, we'll be calling 'it' either 'him' or 'her', and arguing over names.


Phil's Mum said...

The next time Amelie is due to stay here we will be putting the clocks forward an hour, so I'm hoping that will fool her into getting up later in the morning!  I can't do anything about Shimmie though.

A Passer-by said...

Perhaps Amelie has read the label on Madhouse trousers which has caused some to call them sexist!  See: