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Friday, April 06, 2012

I've always said that I'll get into my mother-in-law's good books by hook or by crook. And today it was by hook. She's been wanting some way of hanging clothes on the back of her bedroom door for some time now, so what with it being Good Friday and all, I decided to do her a turn by popping to B&Q this afternoon.

Let Sleeping Cats LieLisa had gone on ahead to her Mum's, taking Amelie with her, which left Chloe and Shimmy to curl up peacefully below Amelie's reward chart. Which, to be honest, is a generally quiet place to sleep. You're unlikely to be troubled by much activity there.

So I left them snoozing, and eventually dragged myself off to the DIY store for a coat hook. I hadn't been feeling great all day, which I put down to a suspected prostate-related flare-up, so it was tempting to stay at home, but in the end I was driven on by a determination to help my mother-in-law. And the possibility that she might have Easter eggs.

So I made it to B&Q, bought a hook, and drove over to Lisa's Mum's, where she told me that she doesn't actually have anything to hang on it, but that she thought it might come in useful. Possibly for stringing up children. So I fitted it successfully, and we headed down the road to Queens Park for some fun in the sun. Lisa was radiant in her pregnancy glow...

Ghost Child
... and Am was as white as a sheet. I'd felt like death warmed up all day, but by the time we left the park, I seemed to have passed it on to Amelie. Which is remarkable if it's prostatitis. After an hour in the sunshine, Am was as pale as a milk bottle, and visibly shivering with cold. When we got her home, she refused any food (I nearly fainted with shock) and fell asleep on the sofa with a temperature. When she woke up shortly afterwards, she told us "I don't know how to smile".

To be honest, I feel much the same myself, but I don't know if we've picked up the same virus, or if it's just my recurrent men's problems. Either way, I've had to cancel tonight's shopping trip to Asda. Thank god we've stocked up on Creme Eggs.


Phil's Mum said...

Oh dear. That's NOT the way to spend your Easter break!  YOU were ill last time you had a holiday, and Amelie usually waits to come here before she takes to her sick bed.