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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

You know, it's only when you talk to a three-year-old that you realise just how confusing the English language is. I had a conversation with Amelie while I was feeding the cats this morning, in which she told me that Chloe's a good patient because she waits quietly for her food, but that Shimmy's a bad patient because she keeps miaowing and reaching up to where the bowls are. She then asked me why Shimmy's not a good patient at feeding time. I told her it's down to NHS cuts.

On the subject of cuts (these links are seamless) I bought some new knives and forks today. I was thinking at the weekend that we could do with some replacement cutlery. There might only be three of us in this household, one of whom prefers to use her fingers (I've told Lisa to stop that), but the cutlery tends to get a lot of use, and it's important we have sharp forks so that I can tell when Lisa's been scraping out the non-stick pans with metal implements.

So I was back in Hassocks today, looking out for celebrities, when I spotted a cutlery set in a charity shop. It's new and unused, but seems strangely dated...

Toscane Cutlery
It's a lot like Gwyneth Powell - hot in the 80s, but still pretty cool today. If you like orange cutlery, that is. Fortunately I'm never happier than when I'm eating garlic bread and grapes with a spoon that looks like it's been Tango'd. Although I don't fancy those flower starters much.

The important thing is that I only paid £2.49 for a complete boxed set of cutlery, so I can view them as pretty disposable. And judging by Lisa's reaction when she saw them, they'll be in the bin pretty soon.


Phil's Mum said...

No wonder they're unused!  Probably an unwanted wedding gift.

Poirot said...

Phil's Mum, what on earth did he use to buy with his pocket money?
Phil -  just 'coz it's cheap does not make it a bargain!

Phil said...

Well I suppose I do have other options. I could donate it to the RNIB... sell it at a car boot sale and buy a tortoise... or possibly wait until I visit friends in June, and give it to them as a house gift. I think I might go for option 3.

Poirot said...

Hope they don't read this then and withdraw the invitation.  Why not send to Viktor Yushchenko as a pre-Eurovision bribe?