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Thursday, August 02, 2012

After a day off to celebrate the birth of her brother, Amelie returned to nursery yesterday to spread the good news.

When I picked her up at 5 o'clock, one of the supervisors congratulated me on our new arrival, and said that the moment Amelie had walked in, she'd told everyone she had some very exciting news. I said "Aww, that's sweet". To which the lady replied "Yes, she told us she had a Hello Kitty scooter. It was later that she mentioned her brother".

To be fair though, it is a nice scooter...

I took her out on it this morning, which is a brave thing to do when you consider that we live at the top of a steep hill with a main road at the bottom. It's a miracle we both made it back alive. The journey to Lidl has never been so quick. We returned home with some crisps for Amelie and a bunch of flowers for Lisa. She didn't really want any, but I thought they might mask the smell of baby sick.

As for Toby, he was visited yesterday by not one, but two midwives together. So they'd clearly got the memo about Lisa's potential for violence. Having taken a leaf (which in this case was savoy cabbage) out of Gillian McKeith's book, they examined Toby's poo and suggested he might be a bit dehydrated, but other than that he seems fine. They were quite impressed with Lisa's breastfeeding technique, but given the amount Amelie used to eat, she's had plenty of practice.

This morning saw the arrival of a much-needed aid package from a faraway land. It came from a fellow retinal screener who's either on a much better pay scale than I am, or is stealing credit card details from the patients. Whichever it is, she's been able to afford a generous parcel of gifts, featuring two books and some transfers for Amelie, a complete set of clothes for Toby, and a selection of pampering treats for Lisa. I think my gift must be coming in a separate delivery. So thank you very much to her, and also to the senders of other cards and good wishes.

I'll leave you with the highlight of yesterday's Olympic action: a glorious victory for blondes over brunettes in the women's basketball...

That's Big Sis second from the right. Not on the court, in the crowd. She's putting the basket back into basket case.