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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Phil, whatever happened to this...

... and this..?"

Well, the answer is they're both here...

That's Shimmy on the left. Although Amelie's ambition is to swap her with the cat on the right.

Shortly before Toby arrived in July, we shipped Shimmy out east to my parents' house, on the grounds that she was a nightmare at the best of times, so with a newborn baby to cope with, and our stress levels sky high, there was every chance we might be tempted to drown her in a sack the first time she nibbled on a dummy. The plan was that we'd have her back once we started sleeping properly. Which is why, five months on, she's still there.

In addition to our own situation, Shimmy's settled into a comfortable life of plenty, with a spacious garden and an even more spacious fridge, while my parents have grown to love her, just as her stomach has grown with food. The result is that there's no way we're getting her back. Even if we wanted her, my parents wouldn't want to lose her, and she wouldn't want to come.

So whilst we miss her (like she misses her fleas), we're happy that she's happy, and have accepted that things have worked out for the best. So we thought we'd try it with Am's bike. It's six weeks since we bought it, and five weeks since we decided it would be a lot better off at my parents' house. They have far more room, and seemed a lot more likely to clean it. We intended to give it to Amelie on Boxing Day, but due to a combination of bad weather and ill health, it was this morning before we got her kitted out for some cycling...

It was worth the wait though. Having got her to stand on the patio with her eyes closed, I fetched the bicycle from the garage, untied the tarpaulin, and did the big reveal. Amelie then looked, gasped, and uttered those six little words that made the effort all worthwhile:

"I wanted one with a basket".

I told her to get on her bike.


Phil's Mum said...

................and she did - with quite a lot of enthusiasm!!!  It WAS worth the wait, even if it took a while to get the hang of pushing the pedals ALL the way round, rather than backwards and forwards.

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