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Friday, December 28, 2012

It's another bitter defeat for the Thumb Fairy...

I have to say though, the Thumb Fairy's loss is photography's gain. Amelie's a lot cuter with her thumb in her mouth. Mainly because it stops her answering back. I'm making the most of it now, because obviously in a couple of year's time she'll have the kind of protruding front teeth you could open a tin of beans with, and I won't want to take her picture.

Anyhoo, keen observers will notice that the walls in the photo above are entirely free from felt tip, stickers and mould, so it clearly wasn't taken at home. We've actually been at my parents' house since Wednesday. We thought Boxing Day would be appropriate for a family punch-up, so having proved our self-sufficiency by getting through Christmas Day without access to my Mum's fridge, we decided that enough was enough, and made the journey to St Leonards the next morning. I've basically been eating ever since.

We've been joined in the gluttony by my brother's family and Big Sis, and together formed a plague of human locusts in an attempt to clear the house of food. We've not succeeded yet, which is why we're still here. My brother's family called it a day last night, and checked in to the nearest branch of Weight Watchers, but we spent an enjoyable day-and-a-half together, flaked out on the floor through overeating...

Just look at that little troublemaker with the beady eyes and the wandering hands. That's my sister-in-law. Toby's the one on the right. They're doing 'The Creation of Adam', but with a playmat and dungarees.

This year's festivities included the traditional Christmas Quiz, as set by my niece, and featuring (as always) a round of questions about herself. After last year's debacle, Lisa and I decided to spend twelve months revising for this test by memorising all her status updates on Facebook, and sure enough, our knowledge came into play immediately when we were asked to name her three best friends outside of school. Unfortunately we ended up listening to her father, and got the question wrong.

As for my father, he revealed that at the age of 74, he can still name the bloke who sang 'Gangnam Style' and describe the dance in detail (although sadly refused to demonstrate it), while Amelie single-handedly won the Gruffalo round with a breathtaking display of knowledge. My team eventually won, due to being able to name more members of One Direction. I'm not proud of that.

Yesterday I ventured out to the local charity shops, and wandered into Shelter, where I found a book my Mum had received for Christmas, next to an obscure DVD I'd asked for. For a moment I thought we'd been burgled by a homeless person. In the end I bought 'Paranormal Activity 3' and 'Taxi to the Dark Side', both for £1.50. I'll let you know which is more disturbing.

On the subject of disturbing phenomena, we had a sleepless night last night, after Toby woke up screaming at the top of his lungs, apparently in pain. I thought it was the African shoes kicking in, but at the moment we're not sure what the problem was. We dosed him up with Calpol and eventually calmed him down, but the amazing thing is the effect it had on Amelie. Or striking lack thereof. She's sharing a tiny bedroom with her brother, and despite lying less than four feet from the kind of deafening screams that could wake the dead, she managed to sleep through the whole thing. Until I turned on a bedside lamp in the next room. At which point she woke up, burst into tears, and told me I'd disturbed her with the light.


Phil's Mum said...

It's been a fairly normal Christmas so far, with everyone eating too much, except Amelie.  I think she's going for the Twiggy look.

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