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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I think it's about time we bid farewell to Christmas 2012...

Which is a shame, as Amelie doesn't know any songs about other seasons.

Lisa, Toby and I are now back home in Brighton, but Amelie's staying on in St Leonards for another day or two. Mainly because we couldn't fit her in the car. It was a choice between her and the presents, and she lost out to a bag of Lisa's books. One of them's called 'Playful Parenting', and claims to help you "nurture close connections" with your children, so we thought we'd try it from thirty-five miles away.

On the downside, I do have concerns about leaving her with a couple of pensioners who are permanently bent double with old age...

I had to force my father to wear a hat so that the flash wouldn't reflect off his bald spot.

As it happens, that photo was taken yesterday afternoon in the gardens at Seaside Road, a pleasant esplanade enclave where the hurricane force winds whip the frozen sea spray right off the ocean and across the road, before slamming it into your face with the kind of velocity that can remove the skin from your cheeks and give you permanent frostbite. We didn't stay long. Frankly I've met snowmen who are less cold than I was at 2pm yesterday.

It did, however, give Amelie the chance to practice her cycling skills without having to dodge plastic patio furniture and do a u-turn every three metres. It took three of us to explain to her that she needs to pedal forwards, not backwards, and she did request at one point that we just push her until she's old enough to do it, but by the end of the outing, she was beginning to get the hang of self-propulsion, and I was wondering why we didn't hold onto the bike until summer.

Fortunately, within an hour, I was able to feel my fingers again, and my Dad was back out on the patio, putting bricks under the stabilisers so that Amelie could practice her pedalling without cycling into a wall. Ultimately, I think it's a good thing for her to stay on there for a couple of days. She can get all the fresh air and exercise she needs, before returning to a life more like this...

Who needs the great outdoors, when you can surf the internet in your dressing gown?


Phil's Mum said...

I was a bit concerned about those pensioners too - which is why I'm bringing Am back tonight!