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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With less than a week to go until Christmas, things are shaping up nicely for another hideous seasonal sick-fest, the likes of which we haven't seen since the legendary Great Festive Plague of 2009.

Personally, I'm approaching the five-week milestone of my cold, so I'm definitely over the worst, and have high hopes of being cough-free by the new year. Not this new year, but possibly 2014. As of yesterday, however, Lisa's developed a seriously bad throat, and currently feels like her tonsils are wrapped in barbed wire. Twelve hours ago, we thought she was the most unwell member of this family. But that was before Amelie got up.

I did say to Lisa last night that I thought the girl looked a bit pale when she went to bed, and sure enough, she didn't emerge from her bedroom until I'd left for work this morning, which is highly unusual. When she did, she told Lisa that she didn't feel well, and didn't want to go to nursery today. Which is a bit like Rik Waller refusing a trip to Greggs.

She's spent most of the day asleep on the sofa, has played with none of her toys, and by the time I got home this evening, she had a temperature of 39 degrees. Fortunately, despite having refused most offers of food and drink all day, I managed to tempt her with some cream soda, and having downed a whole cup, she then asked for something to eat, and seemed to brighten up a bit... before asking if she could go to bed early.

So she's not a well girl. Which is slightly tragic as tomorrow she's got a Christmas party, and on Friday it's her Christmas concert. But while she's too ill to notice, I'll do what I threatened promised on Sunday, and publish her end of year report from the nursery...

Child's Voice

Amelie is a very clear speaker and joins in with all activities. She is a popular member of pre-school.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Amelie is always keen to participate in activities. She loves playing different games with her friends indoors and in the garden.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Amelie has made some very close friends in pre-school who she shows concern for. Amelie is a very confident girl who loves to communicate with adults as well as children.

Communication, Language

Amelie is a confident and clear speaker and has a wide use of vocabulary. Amelie loves rhyming with her peers and making up words. She is also keen to look at books.

Physical Development

Amelie loves being physically active in the garden - running, jumping and playing ball games. Amelie loves using pens to draw and holds them correctly although currently struggles to use scissors appropriately.


Amelie enjoys independent reading and is careful in how she treats books. Amelie is expanding on recognising sounds in words and the levers associated with this.


Amelie recognises number digits from one to ten and can count beyond this.

Understanding the World

Amelie loves to tell others about her past experiences and is keen to ask questions about others. Our recent laptops in pre-school will give Amelie the opportunity to play with technology.

Expressive Arts and Design

Amelie loves being imaginative with her friends and is always the first to dance when music is played. Amelie is a very clear singer.

Wider Context/Interests

Amelie is very popular amongst her peers and loves to join in play with everyone. She is keen to try new things and develop her skills.

So in summary, she's got a voice like a foghorn, won't shut up, talks a lot of nonsense, is generally nosey, hyperactive, a fantasist and a show-off, and she belts out a tune like Shirley Bassey with a megaphone. Oh, and she's better at running with scissors than cutting with them.

You see, Argentinian students aren't the only ones with advanced translation skills.


Phil's Mum said...

If Lisa and Amelie have got OUR germs, they've taken a VERY long time to develop them.  I took mine to the doctor this morning, to find he'd already got them!  He said there's a possibility I've cracked a rib with too much coughing.  Beat that, Am!  No, don't, just get better very quickly, and Mummy too.  We can't stand a repeat of Christmas 2009!