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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mmmm... pink cupcakes. They can only be flavoured with one thing...

Beetroot. Strawberries are so last season.

Those beauties above are actually 'Funky Beet Muffins' (can you see what they did there?), an original idea which came courtesy of CBeebies, and the 'I Can Cook' show. Amelie found the recipe on their website (she's worked out how to surf there without parental consent), and asked if we could make them. I got the ingredients on Thursday, which was slightly ironic. I was out with Lisa's Mum, and I was the one buying beetroot.

Anyhoo, before I describe in detail the pink river of juice that flowed across the kitchen floor when I spilt the jar of pickled beetroot, I should just mention Amelie's trip to the doctor's. Lisa had made her an appointment for 4:30pm on Friday, so having witnessed her being an angel all afternoon, we changed her back into something more heathen, and drove her to the surgery.

Having dropped Lisa and Amelie at the door, I returned shortly afterwards to find them standing back outside. They'd finished the appointment in the time it had taken Toby and me to park the car. I'm not sure if that says more about our GP's impressive level of promptness, or my own failure to invoke the powers of the parking angel, but either way, it was brief. Apparently the doctor confirmed that Amelie's ear is a bit red, but said they don't give out antibiotics unless there's some kind of discharge, so advised us to continue with the Calpol, and sent her away.

Amelie's clearly still not feeling well though. You can tell that by the way she sits quietly, doesn't answer back, and is generally no trouble. I took her out for a walk yesterday, and whereas I usually fail to get a word in edgeways, this time she was completely silent. When I asked her if she was ok, she nodded and said "Yes, but I just want to walk along". It was a shock, as I always assumed her legs didn't work unless her mouth was moving.

So I spent a lot of the day trying to cheer her up and include her in activities. Which is what led us to the Funky Beet Muffins. She was watching TV in the morning, so I took the opportunity to clean the kitchen thoroughly in preparation for our cheffing. By the time we started, it was spotlessly white and immaculate. Which made it all the more annoying when I gathered our ingredients together, positioned Amelie on a stool, washed our hands, and then promptly tipped the jar of beetroot all over the work surface. Quite honestly, whoever said "Trust pink, forget stains" doesn't know what they're talking about.


Phil's Mum said...

Did the doc look at Amelie's throat?  Sometimes it can feel like earache when it's a bad throat infection.

Lisa said...

She didn't look in her throat, but maybe that is why she's not talking much.