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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The weather's been pretty miserable today, but things are supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow...

More surprising than the end of the world, however, is the news that I popped home from work at lunchtime today to find that our lift is now working. No one seems to have witnessed any workmen come to fix it, but the out-of-order signs have gone, and it appears to be running perfectly. I sent Amelie down to test it, and she reached the ground floor without ending up at the bottom of the lift shaft, so I think it's been mended. Bearing in mind last week's update, I think it's some kind of Christmas miracle. Or possibly proof of the power of swearing.

Matching the lift in the realm of miracle recoveries, however, is Amelie, who is now so far from death's door that she's in a totally different postcode. Having slept all day and all night, she awoke a different person this morning (although she still woke up Lisa), and was fine for nursery this afternoon. So the Christmas concert is back on for tomorrow. Which is a relief, as I'd already asked for an hour off work.

In the meantime, I'm off to Asda tonight to take the mother-in-law Christmas shopping. With the world about to end, she wants to stock up on Pringles while she can.


Phil's Mum said...

Hurrah!!  On all fronts!  We did ask the parking angel to divert to being a healing angel for a while.  (We didn't pray for the lift though, so that's a complete miracle!!)

Anonymous said...

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