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Sunday, February 03, 2013

I think these eBay promotional shots are getting a bit too flamboyant...

We've actually decided not to sell that dress at the moment. Having watched Amelie jump onto a stool and do her high-energy version of Gangnam Style for five minutes, we came to the conclusion that maybe it's not too tight for her after all. When she bursts a button doing the Macarena, we'll reconsider.

To be honest, we still haven't got as far as listing any more items on eBay. Back in November, we met the Mr Big of online auctions, who used his stature (and figure) as a modern day Buddha to impart unto us a valuable piece of wisdom. Namely that no mortal man can find the time to write a blog and sell stuff on eBay. Unless he's long-term unemployed, or hurts his back lifting a printer.

At the time we assumed he was talking rubbish, but as it transpires, the man was right. Lisa's dug out a load of old clothes, but between the children and this blog, we can barely find the time to turn on the caps lock and start typing a description. Something's got to give. And I think it should be the children.

But going back to yesterday, I feel I should document a strange phenomenon that appears to be occurring in my life. When I appeared in court last October, I served on two juries, the second one featuring two or three people who were on the first, meaning that I meted out justice in conjunction with about twenty different people. Those individuals came from various locations across central Sussex, including Horsham, Haywards Heath and Rottingdean, so they don't all live locally.

But a couple of weeks ago I popped into town and met one of them in Primark. Which was embarrassing as I like to give the impression that I shop in Next. At the time I thought it was pretty coincidental, because I lead the kind of life which means I'm generally housebound and do all my shopping online, so to find me in a shop invariably means that I'm desperate. Either to buy something, or to get away from the kids.

But that coincidence was taken to a whole new level yesterday, when I met another of my fellow jurors at Monkey Bizness. And what's more, I couldn't keep away from her. Despite being in a building with a few hundred people, and barely moving from our table, she must have walked right past us about a dozen times.

According to Wikipedia, the combined population of Brighton & Hove, plus the districts of Mid Sussex, Horsham and Lewes is about 642,000. And yet I've bumped into two jurors out of twenty in the space of a few weeks. At this rate, I'll have met them all by the end of the year. At which point the defendants will have been released, and I'll start bumping into them. I'm tempted to go into hiding.


A Passer-By said...

Where did that dance move come from - Big Sis??!!

Phil's Mum said...

The question is did they recognise YOU, or did they think you were one of the guilty defendants - escaped from prison?

Big Sis said...

It's like Table 39 all over again...