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Friday, February 01, 2013

It's a well documented fact that the creation of Toby took about two years longer than anticipated, and involved a lot of trauma, persistence and expense. Not to mention physical exhaustion from yours truly. The unexpected delay means that the age gap between Toby and Amelie is a bit larger than we hoped for, and our dreams of them both leaving home at the same time and never darkening our door again, are in serious jeopardy. Unless we can persuade Am to adopt her brother when we kick her out at sixteen.

As it transpires, however, a gap of four years has its advantages. In addition to making Toby laugh, dabbing his vomit, and rocking him to within an inch of his life on a daily basis, Amelie has now started reading to him...

We didn't even put her up to it. She just fetched a small bag of baby books, sat down beside him, and started reading her brother a story. And what's more, he loved it...

The photos are a little bit blurry, but that's because they were taken by Lisa, and she was still shaking with excitement from her first eBay sale. Amelie's LOVELY green dress eventually sold last night for £4.35, which exceeded all (well, most of) our expectations. Amelie's four now, which means we have a load of age 5-6 clothes she's growing out of, and a steady supply of products for the Gardner rag trade.

When we first found out that Toby was a boy, Lisa was disappointed that we wouldn't get any more use out of Amelie's LOVELY old outfits, but in reality we're sitting on a goldmine. Lisa's spent the afternoon sifting through drawers of Amelie's old dresses, and quite honestly we've got a lot that are nicer than the green one. Although our opinion might be skewed by the fact that we're now viewing each of them as a five pound note.

As for our first ever customer, we had a shock when the auction ended and we received her details. She's got the exact same name as a friend of ours in Bexhill, who happens to read this blog. For a moment we thought the auction had been won by a pity bid, and the German advance was just a phony war. But in reality it's pure coincidence. Unless our friend has moved to Sutton Coldfield and married another man. Which is possible, as I never get around to e-mailing her.


Phil's Mum said...

Aaaah!  VERY cute pictures!