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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Valentine's Day has come early in the Gardner household...

Yes, it's not just her bottom she shows to the camera, it's the bottom of her heart. She might spend most of her time looking like a marketing ad for Ritalin, but she's capable of some genuinely touching moments. Admittedly, she's managed to spell her name as 'Ameile', but it took Lisa's Mum at least two years to get it right, so you can't criticise the girl for trying.

On the downside, that note wasn't aimed at me. It's actually a by-product of the aviation industry. Amelie had asked me to make her a paper aeroplane, and having done so (and flown a few missions in the hallway), she asked me what else we could make out of paper. My repertoire is sadly lacking, and consists mainly of aircraft and litter, so I headed straight for the internet, where I soon found myself at

It's important to know your own limitations, so I immediately clicked on the 'Simple Origami' section, where it gave us a choice of sixty different objects, from a Bishop's Mitre and a Cowboy Hat to a Fox Puppet and a Helicopter. I asked Amelie which one she'd like to make, and having scrolled up and down the list, and examined all the pictures, she eventually chose the Envelope. There's no accounting for taste. I can sense a future career in admin.

Most people choose to write a letter and then look for an envelope to put it in, but Amelie's something of an innovator, not to mention a bit backward, so having helped me conjure up an envelope out of thin air using nothing but a piece of paper, she decided she needed something to go inside. I suggested a letter to Churchill Insurance asking where our cheque is, but in the end she opted for a love letter to Lisa. Which is probably the only one she'll be getting this month.

To be honest, I was quite impressed. Amelie asked me to draw the heart, but the words were all her own work. She didn't even ask me to spell 'Amelie'. Which was probably her biggest mistake. Admittedly, her 'You' looks like 'Too', and she's been a bit anti-capitalist on the 'i', but for a four-year-old with no formal education, the girl done good.


Lisa said...

Well I loved it and was quite teary-eyed. Although Toby had just hit me in the face.

Phil's Mum said...

Keep it on the shelf as a reminder when Amelie hits you in the face.  It might not be an accident from her!