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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I think our lawn needs hoovering...

And Amelie's top is just one big grass stain. But if you're wondering why she's got 'Pre School' on her shoulder instead of the usual chip, it's because she came home in an entirely different set of clothes yesterday. Which is something only murderers tend to do. For a moment, I thought I'd picked up the wrong child from nursery.

As it transpired, however, she'd merely gone overboard with a bit of water-play. Overboard being the operative word. Apparently, whilst playing pirates in the garden, she'd decided to sit down, fully clothed, in the paddling pool, before rolling around in the drink. As she put it herself, "They had to change all my clothes! Even my knickers!". The only thing dry was her eye patch.

But it's impossible to be cross with a child who gives us so much love. Only yesterday, she had the following conversation with Lisa:

Amelie: Mummy, what's an orphan?

Lisa: It's a child who doesn't have a Mummy or a Daddy any more.

Amelie: I think I'd like to be one of those.

[Thoughtful pause...]

And I'd like you to go first. And then Daddy.

That's because she needs me to get Lisa's biscuit tin down from the cupboard before I leave.


Phil's Mum said...

Please don't oblige! Orphans usually get looked after by their grandparents.

Jon the Bassist said...

She would never be able to cope with that big garden if the pair of you were gone!