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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Just look at that southern screamer...

Not the chick on the right, but the feathered friend on the left. That's a Southern Screamer, so called because... um... well, I don't really know. But presumably because it kicks up a fuss if you take it north of Watford.

And here's the photo Am was taking at the time...

It's like looking at birds through a net curtain. Which is something I know nothing about.

Anyhoo, publishing those holiday snaps yesterday reminded me that I hadn't looked at any of the photos Amelie took while we were away. I gave her my old camera to use, so she spent a lot of the holiday stalking us like a freelance paparazzo and taking pictures without our consent. She has a habit of holding the camera with her thumb on the lens, so I was expecting the memory card to have her fingerprints all over it, but when I checked first thing this morning, I discovered some pretty decent shots. So here's a selection from my daughter's recent portfolio...

Toby excited to be leaving our chalet:

And looking lovingly at his sister:

Self portrait of the artist:

Driving out of the holiday park to visit the zoo:

Are we there yet?

Daddy sprints towards the entrance with Lisa's arse on the right:

Disco Bear relaxes with a couple of relatives:

Toby lovin' it:

Daddy going down on one knee:

Hair done, scarf on, it's Mummy on the move:

Daddy belting up:

Toby still smiling:

Amelie still posing:

And finally, a photo Am took at home this week. I've been trying to document Toby's new teeth for ages, but the moment I get out my camera, he refuses to open his mouth. I should have just left it to his sister...

He's moved on from radish stabber to monster muncher.


Phil's Mum said...

Well done Amelie! Definitely a brilliant future as a photographer. She can pay for your next holiday!