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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World

After a night in Kentucky, I felt the need to see something Kentuckian but being a vegetarian, the chicken was not appealing. However, I did find a Shaker museum nearby and I have to say was more impressed by this than anything Graceland had to offer. It was very tranquil and had a fantastic shop selling Shaker wares. The surrounding countryside was nice too and so I dispute all those who recommended that I omit Kentucky from my tour. Now admittedly, I'm not sure the Shaker museum was quite as fantastic as it's Wizard of Oz counterpart in Kansas but it certainly came close.

From there I started the long drive to Savannah, Georgia to meet my first road trip accomplice, M. On the way, the advertising for Lookout Mountain in Chatanooga worked for me and I decided to use that as my belated lunch stop.

The view was pretty impressive and I could definitely see all 7 states simultaneously. They just need a few more points like this, and my road trip could be over in a fortnight.