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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
South Dakota (24 May 2007)

On entry into South Dakota, I was greeted by a church on wheels. Not something you see every day. Anyway, I only arrived in South Dakota 24 hours later than anticipated and rushed to Mount Rushmore in the hope I would see it before it closed. Well I was able to enjoy it for 6 more hours and so went there 3 times, keen to make the most of my car pass which is valid for a year.

Mount Rushmore By DayMount Rushmore By Night

Mat at Mount Rushmore
Mountain GoatOn one occasion, I decided to cycle up the hill and came face to face with this white fluffy animal which vaguely resembles a goat. Or a goat crossed with Phil's cat.

The next day, after an obligatory final visit to Mt. Rushmore, it was time to see the Crazy Horse which is also being carved into the mountain in a Mt. Rushmore kinda way, i.e. with controlled explosives (hence the dust in the picture below).

Crazy Horse ExplodesMe and Crazy Horse

From Crazy, I drove through the Black Forest which was very picturesque (although lacking in gateaux) and headed to the Devil’s Tower which inspired a boy to play with his mashed potato in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. By this time it was raining, so I aborted my hike around the bottom of the mound. But I did nearly run over a whole pack of prairie dogs which added a bit of excitement before my long drive west towards Wyoming.

Mashed PotatoA Pack of Prairie Dogs