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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World
North Dakota (23 May 2007)

Now this is another state which all of those who are 'in the know' told me not to visit. But on my quest to find something good about every state, and to add to my research on horn honking, I decided to drive through North Dakota for 8 hours. Now, admittedly, much of the journey looked like this...

North Dakota
But on the plus side, it gave me ample time to come up with 6 GOOD THINGS ABOUT NORTH DAKOTA.

Free Internet Access1. There is a Starbucks in Fargo which provided me with free internet access.

2. I gained an hour in time.

3. It didn’t get dark until 10:30pm (old time).

4. I saw virtually no rain.

5. They have the biggest buffalo in the world (apparently) and have a museum to prove it.

Cute Prairie Dog

6. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a nice place full of cute prairie dogs.

This sign informed me of number 5.

National Buffalo Museum
Live BuffaloIn fact, I thought so highly of N. Dakota that I decided to delay my trip to see Mount Rushmore, so that I could spend more time in the north. And I’m glad I did, coz a trip to Theo’s NP made it all worthwhile. A beautiful place, very quiet and home to lots and lots of cute prairie dogs. I also had a confrontation with a buffalo and so have more faith in Good Thing no. 5 above. It was very peaceful and I was convinced the whole park was deserted except for me, a few buffalo and the prairie dogs.

Me in Theo's ParkThat was until I bumped into a fully qualified 'Elk Spotter'. The guy’s role is to carry around something which vaguely resembles a TV aerial, listen for Elks and then spend the day hiking, to see if his elk-spotting equipment is accurate. I want his job... although he did tell me that he aspires to be his boss who sits in a control tower monitoring all the Elk Spotters who monitor all the Elks.