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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World

Georgia & South Carolina (9-11 May 2007)

2 nights and 1 day later and I was suitably impressed by Savannah, GA as well as the nice hotel which M found ( Lots of squares, lots of historic buildings and apparently lots of ghosts. That's Savannah, not the hotel. But despite taking a night time tour of the town hosted by a guy with a fake British accent (he obviously didn’t anticipate me being there to blow his cover) who gave us detailed instructions on how to break into the graveyards at night, we didn't see anything that was even remotely scary.

The next day, we drove to Charleston, South Carolina which was a lovely town similar to Savannah, but alas, alack no dancing was to be seen. But I did get to experience my 5th Circuit City of the road trip. Purchasing a working laptop was a lot harder than I ever envisaged and by this point I was beginning to think my entire road trip would have to be planned around the Circuit Citys of America. But we did manage to get the one in question, and whilst it later proved to be faulty, we felt a certain amount of accomplishment when M booked a hotel for the night using one of the display laptops whilst I kept myself occupied with all the laptop swapping fun.

We progressed onwards and upwards where we stayed a night in Charlotte, SC which is apparently one of the top finance citys in the USA. Most surprising considering it's un-metropolis nature and the severe lack of clearly labelled Starbucks, but we did manage to have a nice lunch before heading towards West Viriginia to celebrate my birthday eve.