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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Sis in a Small World

Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts (15-16 May 2007)

After 24 hours in Manhattan, we could hear Connecticut calling. Always keen to advance our education, we made a quick stop at Yale University before heading on towards Rhode Island. Inspired by Yale, I am now in the process of developing a new social theory using research material I collect on my travels around the USA. I don’t wish to divulge too much information but it relates to how a US State’s social advancement is related to the number of times a truck (or sometimes car) driver sounds their horn at a convertible car containing 1 or more females. As I am driving such a car, I realised I’d be the perfect subject for this investigation. Anyway, I was telling R about this theory when 2 guys leaned out of their car window and shouted at us. I dismissed them and told R that this just was more research material for my theory. Unfortunately, as we soon ground to a halt at the side of the road, we realised the guys were trying to warn us of a flat tyre. The one plus point was that we happened to break down at a scenic overlook so were able to admire the view of Rhode Island, as we waited for the AAA.

This little adventure put us back by a few hours so the anticipated lunch stop in Rhode Island turned out to be late dinner near Newport, RI. However, we did manage a mini drivette along the coastline in near freezing temperatures, just before it got dark.

Realising we would not make it to Brunswick & Bath in Maine that night, we made the executive decision to stay just outside Boston in what is probably one of the worst Holiday Inn hotels I have ever experienced. But after the flat tyre, nearly running out of petrol/gas and a diversion through the more unsavoury parts of Boston, any room looked pretty good to us.