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Friday, October 12, 2007

I had a hit yesterday for 'Julie Reinger sawn in half'. That's what I call wishful thinking.

And talking of wishful thinking, I was standing in my hallway at midday today wondering if I might get any post before 1pm, and having concluded that I probably wouldn't, I decided to go to Asda. So I walked out of the door, around the corner, and was less than halfway to Jimmy Somerville's house when I met our postman on the corner of Great College Street, leaning against a wall with his mailbag over his shoulder and his nose in a book of Sudoku.

It's ironic, because the way he delivers mail for the wrong flats on a daily basis, you'd think he had no head for figures at all. Maybe it was some kind of wildcat strike.

I was tempted to head straight back home for my camera, but unfortunately he caught sight of me staring at him with a look of disbelief on my face, and quickly put his pen away. Only to carry on again once I'd passed by. It must have been quite a tricky puzzle, because it was 1:30pm by the time I got my post.

Of course Royal Mail wouldn't give me an interview for the job of Rottingdean Postie on the grounds that I don't have an unbroken work history, and I might get Seasonal Affective Disorder if I have to get up before Jeremy Kyle, but if I'd only mentioned a love of Sudoku, I could be in there right now... with my feet up in front of the TV waiting for a better pay deal.

Anyhoo, the good news is that as I walked down the fish aisle for some Smart Price tuna, Asda FM were playing Terra Naomi over the public address system. They must have read about her in The Kemptown Rag.

In other news, I'm applying to work in this building...

Extraordinary Tenacity
That's an artist's impression. In reality there's not as much green mould growing up the walls. The job is 'Copy Editor/Writer', and under 'Required Skills' it lists "Extraordinary tenacity", so I think it's me to a T (that's T for Tenacious). I started my application last night and I've already lost interest, but if I can be bothered to complete it, I think I'm a dead cert.


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