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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Type or DieLisa was feeling a little down last night (possibly due to guilt dating back to Wednesday's museum trip), so to cheer her up I downloaded the free demo of The Typing of the Dead and challenged her to slay the putrifying undead using nothing more than her touch-typing skills. It's basically Mavis Beacon meets the Zombie Flesh Eaters.

Being a trained audio typist with years of experience, she naturally jumped at the chance to prove she was better than me at a computer game, so I told her I'd scored 1953 on the Arcade Training mode, and settled back to watch TV while she tried to beat me. It kept her quiet for a good hour. Unfortunately, the whoops of delight which started coming from the computer desk told me she'd succeeded, and despite me improving my highest score to 2094, she still holds the flat record at 2319. Damn that woman.

Anyhoo, I have no time to battle zombies today (although when I saw Lisa crawling out of bed this morning I did get a strange urge to start typing). I'm off to the Brantham Play Festival, and not only am I taking Lisa with me, but her mother's tagging along too. It's the closest she's ever come to visiting me at work. Unfortunately every time I've been to the cinema with her, she's fallen asleep, so Lisa's under strict instructions to keep prodding her throughout the performance. It wouldn't look good if she snores through all my best lines.