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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This notice is currently stuck to a lamp post around the corner from me in Eaton Place...

Anyone for a cocktail?
Yes, it's true, the RSPCA have found a cocktail. I'm not sure you can really classify it as an animal though. Unless it's a party animal. From the description I'd say it's probably pineapple and... um... Earl Grey. Although here in Kemp Town it's perhaps more likely to be a cocktail of drugs.

Of course, it's just possible they mean cockatiel. Which would make far more sense. Both Patsy Palmer and Annabel Giles live in Eaton Place, so if I wanted to find a bird that's worth a lot of money, that's where I'd look.

Anyhoo, Lisa's not at work today (I've no idea why), so being the perfect boyfriend I've offered to take her into town to look at denim. She thinks we're heading for Next or Monsoon, but in reality I plan to drag her around Brighton Museum, where they're currently holding an exhibition entitled Indigo: A Blue to Dye For. I'm only going for the fantastic puns.

I found out this morning that the exhibition has been featured on the BBC's Woman's Hour, presumably because indigo is a girl's colour. Men go more for navy. I've just listened to the show, and according to host Jenni Murray, the display features the world's oldest pair of jeans. Which came as a surprise to me, as I thought they were in my wardrobe.

Anyhoo, from 1-2pm this afternoon, the museum are holding an hour entitled 'Please Touch Denim', during which visitors are encouraged to get their hands on an old pair of jeans. I spend most of my life in charity shops, so that's nothing new to me, but the event's followed by an afternoon called 'Jean Genius' (I think I went to school with her), which is described thus:

"Take inspiration from the Indigo exhibition and the fashion gallery to alter and embellish your jeans. Please bring the jeans that you wish to accessorise."

It's actually aimed at children, but I'm going to tell them Lisa's special needs and see if they'll let us in.